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May Your Love Overflow

by David Jordan

And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight to help you to determine what is best … (Philippians 1:9-10).

I like the way this scripture is worded: that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight.But as one of my coaches used to say when faced with the impossible: “Good luck with that …” The times we live in right now don’t exactly lend themselves to overflowing love. Knowledge and full insight also feel like they are in very short supply. Thankfully, you and I can do something to bring about positive change.

Imagine yourself growing in wisdom, gaining new insights, adding to your knowledge, expanding your understanding, broadening your perspective. Now consider how you can turn that image into reality. Be bold in learning new things about life and faith. For Paul, and for his perspective in this passage, knowledge and insight serve as essentials in the overflow of love. The bedrock of love remains our living source of all life. And yet, God as the ultimate source, needs us to be intentional about how we live and love. Our Master Creator designed a world that needs you and me to make love real. And that love bubbles over its container when the conditions are right.

Love is better, and the overflow is possible, when we work at fulfilling God’s hopes for us all: to learn, to grow, to deepen our faith and to broaden our understanding. To do so allows our love to merge with God’s intentions. Our brains work best when stimulated most; our spirits reflect God’s spirit when we care for others and for our world. Our bodies remain most healthy when we are in positive, healthy, loving relationships.

This love does not start with me or with you. Love always originates with God. For God is love (John 4:8), which makes this whole concept all the more powerful and mysterious. To know that I can be a channel of God’s blessings and a source for God’s healing never ceases to blow my mind. This kind of love that overflows more and more with knowledge and insight is this kind of love that will help you to determine what is best for you, for your family, for your community, for our nation, and for us all. May it be so today, and in the crucial coming days in the life of our nation and the world. Amen.


“When you know better, you do better.”

—Maya Angelou


“Wisdom is better than weapons of war…”

—Ecclesiastes 9:18



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