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A New Year’s Prayer, 2021

by David Jordan

God of grace and God of glory:
We have understandable hesitations about what might lie ahead in this New Year.
We hear positive indicators; we hope for shared prosperity;
We yearn for unity while we wonder, too
If a common vision for a shared future in our nation is even possible.

And in the meantime …

People are hurting; families are stressed;
Children long to be in school again and parents are so weary;
Hospitals are full; caregivers are exhausted;
Essential workers feel taken for granted
And all of us anxiously await a return to normal.

But even in our anticipations, let us not return only to what was.
Provoke in us instead, O God, with
• The wisdom to be a little better.
• Prod us with just enough discomfort that our souls entice our brains to
o Better service
o Higher stewardship
o Deeper discipleship
o And compassionate grace

For after all, this New Year comes in the thankful aftermath of Christmas.
It therefore offers us this glad reminder:
• That we of all people are the recipients of a most extravagant grace
• We have been and are, the beneficiaries of an indescribably expansive love.

Push us, then, Lord, as we need to be, so that our daily living, at least in some measure, adequately reflects these great gifts you have so abundantly given to every one of us.

Help us remember; lead us to know;
Let us love accordingly,
And therefore live in this New Year … abundantly.

In Jesus’ name and always for his sake, Amen.

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