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A Mother’s Day Confession

by David Jordan

A true confession by all accounts,

Should make a soul feel better.

But this account is in a arrears

And therefore needs a letter.

We ordered flowers for your day

Accompanied with a card.

We then relaxed with gratitude;

It’s really not that hard.

For we give thanks and stand in awe

For all your life has done.

In birthing me and making me

Your one and only son.

The problem is, your mothering

Has made me so secure.

That now I failed to double check

And really to make sure

That your Mother’s Day bouquet

Was really on its way.

But we just found as I looked down

A maddening delay!

FTD had sent to me

A late but detailed notice

Your ordered flowers

Got messed up … Could it be the POTUS?

We don’t know and now feel sad.

We feel so bad and flustered;

That for our favorite grand mama

We couldn’t cut the mustard.

At least from me, you will see,

A new and hearty plan

To make amends and then grow up

And finally be a man.

You’ve done well, you’ve done your job

You’re not the one to blame

You loved me so and cared so much

And filled me with life’s flame.

I just must do a better job in learning to be me

And checking back and being sure

Of flowers with FTD!

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