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by David Jordan

As many of you know, I continue to be so proud of my mother, Diane Jordan. Her love of music and her passion for the gospel keep joining together for our benefit. Well into her eighties now, she is still composing music and writing profound, inspiring lyrics. Her following words emerged out of a time of devotion where it occurred to her how profound two of the shortest verses in the Bible were. Here are her thoughts in “Love that Weeps.”


(Thoughts on the shortest verses in the Bible)

“God is love” and “Jesus wept” –

these are verses that we’ve kept

in our hearts since we were young,

verses memorized and sung.

Since they’re simple, short, and sweet,

they are easy to repeat;

But we didn’t really see

all the meaning there could be

in those words, profound and deep –

Love that weeps??

Jesus wept because He knew

what his friends were going through;

felt their sorrow, loved them so,

more than they could ever know.

It was love that caused his tears,

grieving with them, conquering fears;

Still today in darkest hours,

sending rays of light and power,

Love eternal, constant, deep –

Love that weeps.

Now we see – God’s tears are love.

This is what we’re speaking of

when we teach our kids to say

these two verses.  Now we pray

they will learn what we have found –

meaning that is so profound –

Love that led to Calvary,

crying tears for you and me,

grace-filled love, forgiving, deep –

Love that weeps!

Diane Owen Jordan

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