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by David Jordan

Questions of Dying

Questions arise about death for those who are honest. Dying is not for the faint of heart; and questions are there, when we are honest, a genuine curiosity about this death we know so little of. Questions like “what will it be like?” and “will I miss my wife and daughter and friends?”

When asked, I confessed I didn’t know for sure, but only hoped and trusted that all would be as good as we can imagine. Surely the love we share here won’t end with death but only continue in some other shape and form. I want to believe what I have always preached, that we are participants in God’s love that comes from eternity and connects us to eternity. That’s what Easter tells us in no uncertain terms. But who of us can really say for sure about the details?

D.H. Lawrence tells the truth in “All Soul’s Day:”

Be careful, then, and be gentle about death. 

For it is hard to die, it is difficult to go through the door, even when it opens …

We can speak of these things with courage when they happen to others. But we must be honest and careful. For it is hard to die; and it is hard to lose those we love who die. So let us be gentle, even with one another … in life … and in death.

May your day be beautiful and light, even while considering these deeper things …


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