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by David Jordan

In spite of the looming uncertainty we all feel right now: Life goes on. Along with the many needs of our world and God’s countless good creations in it, creation continues.

Let us focus on all that is good and true today. Let us do our best to live into what we know to be most honorable. For we really have no other viable, healthy choice. Following Jesus means living the best we know how in every kind of time, especially in the kinds of time we find ourselves in during this truly strange year of 2020.

Honestly, we have much to accomplish, many who would love to hear from us, some who truly need us, and more than we know who love us dearly and deeply. Opportunities to know and be known still surround us. Life is still exciting. We have so much to read, so much to learn and so many ways to enrich our lives and those around us. So let’s help each other keep on moving, working and growing. I know I need you; and I know we need each other. And if it’s true for us, it is true for many more around us.

Let us not allow each other to give in to discouragement, despair or disparagement of others. That is the easy way out or what Jesus calls the “wide path.” The “narrow way” is harder. It is less traveled and sometimes more treacherous. But it is one that leads to life, truly.  The narrow path lifts up, offers support, works for peace, lives out patience, and continues to stand for justice.

Let us move forward on this journey together, seeking life and goodness, embracing the challenge, and as the Celtic poets, like to say, let us look for “the glory in the grey.” And let’s do it together.

Bless you all and stay in touch!


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