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by Man In Charge

“All that is holy in me greets all that is holy in you.”

“Namaste,” she said;
a word I had not known,
but needed.
A word
from distant lands and
long ago repeated:
fresh; essential.

“Namaste,” she said;
with hopeful smile and
kind eyes.
A blessing from India that
grace; gladness;

“Namaste,” she said;
and bowed
with hands together
to pray.

Which meant when she,
gently speaking this word,
would say:

“All that is holy in me
greets all that is holy in you.”

Our family once had the privilege of hosting a kind and very wise doctor from India. Her name was Dr. Vina. She insisted on cooking for us, even though she was our guest. Each evening, she brought out these amazing spices from her suitcase and prepared cuisine the likes of which our family had rarely dreamed. We marveled at the dishes so expertly mingled in sight, smell, and taste. Every night, our home became a place of culinary delight fit for kings and queens—but all for us. Paradise.