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by Man In Charge



What a privilege it is

to share life with friends.

How thankful we are to be

with people who love us,

companions who teach us,

gentle souls who comfort us,

lively spirits who make us laugh,

precious ones who keep us humble

and occasional characters who treasure us

even when we feel unlovable.

Good friends abide,

Staying with us without conditions,

Sharing with us in the complicated,

sometimes messy seasons of learning

how to live together.

Smiling with hugs in our joy

Lifting us past our sadness,

Joining us in our gladness,

Recognizing us in our humanness,

Remaining with us through our brokenness

And loving us in spite of it all …

So from our deepest selves we say

Thank you Lord, for the gift of friendship.

Now help us to be the best kinds of friends

that we most treasure.