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Creation in a Sunset

by Man In Charge

Creation in a Sunset

Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds (Psalm 36:5).

Sunsets are remarkable things – especially on or over the sea. The waning sun dropping from the sky, reflecting on the water, casting beams of light through, under, and around cumulous clouds, rays extending up and over, colors profuse—orange and golden—glowing against a backdrop of purple and azure, all highlighting the remaining fluffy white of the clouds. The dark is coming but not until the sun offers a final, simple, silent, glorious farewell over the water and into the sky.

Surely, it was the vibrant light of an early evening sunset that inspired Psalm 36:5. And as you move through your life, take advantage of as much of your sacred time as you can, and soak in the many remarkable scenes you will share with those journeying with you.

Look for God’s creative hand in people and places. Whether over the vast sea or the space in between, remain inquisitive about the history, curious about customs, interested in art, astounded at architecture, and in awe about how it all fits together in God’s tapestry that is creation.

God’s love and faithfulness is a part of everything—a sunset, the sea, a flower, the creative genius that inspired the artistic wonders we encounter daily. As you increasingly recognize the reality of God’s goodness and wondrous handiwork, allow yourself the luxury of silent awe. Stand in wonder. Give thanks. And be prepared to grow with each new opportunity for sacred gratitude.