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by David Jordan

Something Is Happening to You

The Bohemian-Austrian poet Rilke has some words appropriate for any of our days or times that feel hard, but especially for these closing days of Lent:

You mustn’t be frightened

If a sadness

Rises in front of you, 

Larger than any you have ever seen; 

If an anxiety, like light and cloud shadows 

Moves over your hands and everything you do.

You must realize that something is happening to you, 

That life has not forgotten you, 

That it holds you in his hand

And will not let you fall.

May you today be lifted by these thoughts. Whatever your fears, beyond your anxieties, something is happening to you … something good. God is growing you; your life is changing, opening, deepening. May your faith take hold of your heart … and lead you forward. Amen.



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